Walking Tour of Park-Ex

Yesterday, Neptune and I walked up to Afroditi to get some cookies with sprinkles for her and some pastries for dad. Earlier that morning Neptune rediscovered her Little Tikes digital camera and, after a brief argument about which way the camera should be pointing to take a picture, she was going nuts on the thing. She took over 200 photos on our walk. Initially I thought none of them would turn out due to a delay on the camera from when you press the button to when the photo actually takes. I imagined 200 blurred blobs imported into my iPhoto. But some of them turned out, and when put together give a very interesting perspective of our neighbourhood. Check out the gallery below…I’ve taken the liberty to omit the blurriest ones (which is like half of them). There are still over 100 pics so give it a minute to load (if your computer is an ancient artifact like mine). My faves: watermelons, beer (hunh?), pink rose bush, bicycle, recycling bins, lips (she insisted she put on makeup before we went out), and the very last one (I took it).

2 Replies to “Walking Tour of Park-Ex”

  1. I am killing myself laughing. What a creative thing to do & what diverse perspectives from a very short little person seeing her world. I LOVE IT!!!
    These should be entered in a photography contest ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS

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