I have not abandoned this blog. I’ve simply been extra lazy about it. No, really I’ve been wanting to write more but since I’ve been doing Pop Montreal bio writing and a bunch of grant paperwork, I rarely have brainpower left to write anything beyond a tweet. So, sorry for the links, the half-brained posts, but this can be included as one of them.

Something that is interesting, however, in the meanwhile (gadgetry): Apple Tablet. Not certain how I feel about a giant iPod en lieu of a laptop, but I am on the market in the next year or so for something smaller, lighter, faster, niftier…and that doesn’t run on Windows.

Now that we’re done playing shows for a little while, I promise to write more in August (after grant deadlines, essentially).

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  1. I didn’t think you’d abandoned it. I think all bloggers go through cycles – especially because it doesn’t pay so real work, family, friends, etc., have to come first. I’ve seen blogs go completely dormant for months and then suddenly there are 2-3 posts / day.

    The best way I’ve found to get around is – nxew.ca : there are 120 people (and growing) who contribute to it now so it’s updated several times a day. Some people chime in once a week, some once a month, some even less but there is always someone with something to say.

    Looking forward to your comeback, whenever it happens!

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