Lame Music News (or Bored Publicists)

This out, this is what people (i.e. Perez HIlton) are saying about the “controversy” surround a Kelly Clarkson songwriter who wrote a song that kind of sounds like Beyonce’s Halo. This apparent “plagiarism” case is total bullshit. It sounds to me like the publicist ran out of things to run with (notice how Beyonce’s people could not care less?). Anyhow, while its working for team Kelly, it surely maddens the rest of us. Do we really not think about music to such an extreme, that duplicity and repetition only occur to us when someone else brings it up? Basically, Kelly’s people made the fatal move of putting the song out too soon. If they had let at least 3 years pass since Halo was released, no problem. No one said squat when Halo came out, and that it has almost the same chord progression as Umbrella? I guess my cynicism about how people listen to music has some truth to it: that basically we don’t listen to music. It just plays while we are around.

2) I recently read this story: IAN BROWN REVEALS KANYE AND RIHANNA SONGS. Says Brown: “We wrote this song called ‘Vanity Kills’ [for Kanye West] but we were a bit late sending it in, so I’ve kept it for the album. ‘Stellify’, we wrote for Rihanna, but as we got to the end of writing it I thought, ‘You know what? I’m gonna keep this for myself, we’ll give her another one’. She’d have probably sung it better, but it is too good for me not to do it”.

Again, bored publicists. Good results. I mean, I could say I wrote a song for Kanye and another one for Rihanna, too. I wrote several. Just missed the deadline/kept it for myself/dog ate it, whatever. Even if it is true, its still weak. I totally respect Ian Brown, now I totally respect his publicist, too.

I guess sometimes people’s people do what they gotta do to stay in the press. Its fierce out there.

2 Replies to “Lame Music News (or Bored Publicists)”

  1. See Fri july 31,2009 24 HRs nespaper [which I mistakingly hurledout] Two new books written on the sorry state of the music industry and second the sad state of generally gratuitous pop music so popular among the inanely undiscriminating “are they really listening???” populous. Has Musak destroyed us?? Has too much noise pollution desecrated our ability to differentiate the ever pumpin’ out mediocre tunes bombarding the air waves?
    Thank god for the likes of Murray and THE DEARS!!!!!!

  2. speaking of lame music news…you probably already saw this, but just in case…cause i know it’ll make your day a little better…

    “Black Eyed Peas have broken a new record after scoring the longest successive stay at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart by a duo or group. The band have spent 17 weeks at the top”

    i heard that you n murray wrote that boom boom pow song for them. is that true?!

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