Fussing About the House (My GOOP)

Among other business-y things, I’m spending time making our house look refreshed. Like I want it to look as if we actually thought about it before we threw our stuff together. Because underneath the thin layer of carelessly strewn 4-year-old’s toys, lies a dense layer of carelessly strewn personal effects. I have small, mini-visions for revitalizing all our rooms.

My deadline is strict: Neptune’s birthday party at the end of September. I want this perpetual mess to have a solid base layer. One project I’ll undertake is getting the dining room together. Swapping out furniture and unloading this giant Lowery organ of Murray’s (before he replaced it with a second one that had better insides. The organ totally works…he had it tuned up by Garfield (not the cat). Any takers? Email me.)

The main thing is wall decorations. Since we moved the piano to the other side of the room, I never reconfigured the shit on the walls. Right now it looks seriously half-assed. My plan is to take all these nice old prints and frames I’ve amassed over the years (mainly from my uncle, Edward, who has a framing business), and arrange them in eye-pleasing clusters. I’m inspired by Design*Sponge (always) but this old-meets-modern vibe taken from an apartment in Copenhagen is happening, especially with the way they’ve arranged the clunky frames. The secret, I just noticed, is that they’ve maintained a symmetrical outer border: like all the smaller frames have to be spaced within an imaginary, larger rectangular shape.

That and I’m painting a bunch of un-impressive, un-important furniture white. Back to the “grind.”

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