Today I feel lazy. Lazed. I have a big headache. They are perpetually “restoring” the fire station near our house, sawing the bricks, sandblasting them, red dust covering the car every morning. Anyway, they woke me with their blaring circular saws at 7AM, and a handful of fitful dreams later, it was time to get up.

I have a headache for other reasons, none of which can be attributed to anything other than the mysterious, inner workings of the human body. I should drink more water, check the air pressure on the weather station, stop thinking.

Why so little blogging? Where have I been? Painting. Painting furniture white. Check my before and after of this table we found in the garage and promoted to front entrance status:

Take that, Design*Sponge. Murray and I also painted a bunch of his stuff white so now the studio is looking more like the white room from 2001: A Space Odyssey:

But replace the black obelisk with a mixing board. Done!

Additionally, I feel like I am endlessly doing paperwork. That part is psychological: deep down I enjoy filling out forms, doing sums, writing cheques, and mailing them away. But for the next little while I’m clamping down. Only domestic projects. Don’t even ask me to fill out a form.

OK. Thanks for reading but I’m going to go keep my weird/borderline bad mood to myself.

3 Replies to “Today”

  1. So glad you decided to redo that little Victorian treasure of a table . It looks absolutely fabulous in its new place of honor.
    It seems anything painted white takes on a new life. I’m into white birdhouses, for Neptune, in our yard.

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