Mailing List

Today (it took months to realise it) I discovered out the mailing list sign-up sheets we collected at the merch table on our May/June North American tour. I wasn’t sure what to do with it (which is why it sat around for months) but some inquisitory emails later, I figured it out. It involves data entry: there are over 300 names, so its gonna be a few hours of work.

Some of the handwriting is wobbly, some scritchy, some firm and confident, while some is barely legible. I guess we do generally play in bars, where concert-goers are likely to have been drinking. Also, low merch-area lighting is probably a factor. As I leaned into it, wondering if an “s” is an “a” or an “r” is a “p,” I found jokes.

How, you may ask, is a mailing list funny? Some jokes come direct from our friends, making up unbelievable names and fake email addresses. Those are just inside jokes. Then there are the sincere thanks, warm regards from strangers that are really great. Then there are the eyebrow raising domain names like “” and “” littered among the gmails, yahoos and hotmails.

I really appreciate the short moment everyone took from their evening to sign the sheet: that 30 seconds opens a dialogue, allowing us into each person’s world in a small way. And that’s a cool thing. So if you did sign up, you can expect a note from Murray in your inbox.

And if you haven’t already, you can join here.


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