My Addictions

I do not consider myself as having an addictive personality. The things I am addicted to are hardly addicting, and unlike actual narcotics, the “drugs” are not so life-destroying that they’re working on a vaccine.

Could you imagine? A vaccine that protects against internet addictions? Might have helped if one existed.

1) Facebook – Under the pretense of gaining social interaction, winning friends and emboldening friendships, I am addicted. used to be my web-based addiction but I got off that; now its just Facebook: What are the people I know saying? And doing? Or planning to do? Lately, I’ve been thinking of going cold turkey. Like with Perez, just shutting it out, deleting the bookmark. Done. If only it were that easy.

2) Costco – This is very middle-class, M.O.R., and normal of me. But I will take any excuse to go to Costco. Philosophically, I am into the way they promote environmentally conscious products, like treeless paper towel and biodegradable dishwasher soap. The pretense, however, is not our earth but my pocketbook. I believe I am saving money. Hopefully I am because I don’t have the patience or time to actually sit down and build a comparative spreadsheet. Over the years I’ve honed my ball-parking skills. Like ball-parking whether or not a tour is going to lose money. You know, big, little picture things. I’d like to think I’m saving. Big time.

So: a painfully boring blog post, but at least learning experience, wouldn’t you agree? Now you know I am a shrewd, anti-social neurotic. You didn’t know that before…did you?

Fucking hell.

UPDATE: Since posting this, I realised my list was totally partial, forgetting such weaknesses as video games, conditioner and pizza. The list goes on.

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