Post-Halloween Sugar Rush

Last night’s haul was pretty good, I’d say. For a 4-year-old, that bag full of candy must seem infinite. Thankfully, she agreed to bring half of it to a Day of the Dead dinner party, which alleviates the pressure to eat the junk for mom & dad.

So: the costume. I realise, looking back at my blog, that I kind of over hyped the whole Squidward costume thing. Here are a couple pics, just the costume (the mask is the saving grace), then one with the cousin, before hittin’ the streets.



I was kind of surprised that I didn’t take a proper photo of my daughter in the costume. I think Halloween is too stressful. It’s like a race against time to get ready and get out there at dusk, but before it’s too late. The last thing on my mind was: Daughter, please stand very still and pose for some photographs. Actually, I always found it stressful, and never really liked it as a holiday. Too much pressure. Some of my teenaged costumes included “rocket scientist for NASA/nerd” and “hardware store lady.” As a child I went trick or treating dressed as a bunch of grapes, with dozens of purple balloons attached to my body. I think that is the true meaning of Halloween: fun yet traumatizing. The candy is like a buffer, a self-medication to soften all that embarrassment and confused moments of: “Why did I dress up? What am I supposed to be?”

Much like life.

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