Math(s) Joke!

I made a math (or maths, for you English) joke today via email. My mom sent myself, my sister and uncle the following message

On 5-Nov-09, at 5:10 PM, Ursula Yanchak wrote:

cleaned out 1/2 of a file drawer. Threw out 98% of the STUFF in it

To which I replied:

On 5-Nov-09, at 5:16 PM, Natalia Yanchak wrote:

Great work! Only 94.12% of the filing cabinet to go!

I know, I know. This is barely funny. As a reply, it’s fairly snarky and irritating. My mom is obviously proud of getting through half a drawer, but I’m pretty sure the filing cabinet has three drawers equally full of out-of-date documents. Like phone bills from 1989. My parent’s house is packed tightly, albeit neatly, full of stuff. My mom has taken on the mammoth task of clearing this stuff out. I commend her enormously, and only wish we lived in the same city so I could come over and help her a little bit every day.

Anyway, I did the calculation…more precisely, I did a calculation, the result of which was the punchline to my joke.

I’m just stopping here. This whole thing is stupid. The funniest thing, is that the joke is on me because my math is probably totally wrong.


2 Replies to “Math(s) Joke!”

  1. Actually, I learned there were only two drawers, so her success rate at that time was much higher. Making my joke that much less funny. I should ask which thing(s) she did keep.

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