Small Records (7 inch)

I am currently watching a few items, like this one, on eBay:

I’ve been going to the Value Village lately, looking for, well, old stuff. I used to go ALL the time, usually for clothes, but I think somewhere around the age of 24 I lost all interest in used clothes. These days I’ve been looking at books, housewares/furniture, toys (scored a big bag of Lego, which was awesome), and records.

Murray brought the record player from the studio into the living room and lately Neptune has gotten into listening (and dancing) to my collection of Phase 4 records. She’s especially in to Hawaiian music (Spongebob + Lilo & Stitch = ukelele fixation) and music played on piano for her faux-ballet recitals.

She’s still figuring out how to place the needle gently on the records, but at the age of 4, “gentle” is still an optional approach to most things.

I’ve strayed a bit from the point, which is that on my last trip to Value Village I picked up a few 7-inches, including Rockit, Popcorn, some traditional music from Iran and the U2 single for Pride. I showed them to Neptune in the car and she immediately assumed these records were hers, because they were smaller. As such, we haven’t been allowed to put them on the regular record player. She insists they are too small and therefore can only be played on a small record player.

I’m so into this method of her discovering music: of it being a physical relationship. She wants a record player in her room, and I can totally get behind that. Hopefully I’ll win one of these eBay auctions soon.

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