Auto-Horn Tooting

I am the best wife ever. In case any of you were wondering. Tomorrow is Murray’s birthday, but today God of War III came out. Knowing he would probably want to get the game today, I had to beat him to the punch. So after dropping off Neptune at preschool, I went straight to the Best Buy.

Allow me to illustrate the scenario:
1. It’s 10AM, Best Buy has just opened for the day.
2. There are at least four guys in their mid-thirties ahead of me buying the same game.
3. Don’t these people have jobs?

When the weather gets nice in Montreal, you may notice there is a large number of people just lolling around in the middle of the week. Sitting in the sun on a field in Jeanne Mance park (at 1:30PM); drinking coffee on a terrace (at 11AM), walking dogs (noon), riding a unicycle down Prince Arthur (all hours). I guess that’s what makes Montreal so great: it’s a primarily self-employed city. The cost of living is much less than in other “big” Canadian cities like Toronto or Vancouver…never mind real cities like New York or London UK. So while Montrealers are still incredibly productive, our lives are based on a work-week where every day is Casual Friday.

So, either everyone at Best Buy at 10AM on a weekday is self-employed, unemployed, a trustafarian, took a sick day to play video games, or works for Ubisoft and was sent there as part of their job.

All of the above are possible. So this is what Murray woke up to:

They were giving away free t-shirts to the gatecrashers, which I used as wrapping paper. I was compelled to say to the cashier: “Oh, it’s not for me, its for my husband,” to which he replied: “It’s one size fits all.”

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