FTW vs. W

Well, I can’t say I never win anything. The Chances briefly swayed in my favour when I won a Twitter contest with L.A.-based print studio Two Rabbits. It’s pretty cool actually: a set of bicycle-themed silkscreened posters. This is the same studio that designed the limited edition poster for our last show in Los Angeles:

I’m constantly searching for things to hang around the house, and have a sort of framed-image graveyard (sometimes referred to as the progeny of an unidentified addiction) from which I rotate what is being displayed. In addition to the etchings, sketches, lithographs, photographs, paintings, maps, framed letters and other mementos, I have dozens of amazing silkscreened posters for The Dears. While these are probably the closest things to actual “art” in my “collection,” the idea of hanging posters for my own band all over the house is kind of, well, megalomaniacal.

And so, while I continue to go for the win in most aspects of my life, sometimes it is fun to actually get the win in some way or another. Thank you to Two Rabbits.

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