While you read this, you should be downloading and listening to BLOOD from our new album. It is free. Click there. Harpsichord solo, grunge guitars, punishing bass (that your computer speakers can’t handle).

I had a bunch of stuff to say earlier on, typed everything out, then decided it was not fit to print. Total baloney. Anyhow, you should still listen to the song and think about these cool things happening right now:

1. Indie Rock Coloring book on sale from YBP today (Tuesday) only. Or buy something else tomorrow.

2. You and your kids should Dare to Drum this weekend. A family charity event happening all across Canada to help raise money for the Steven Lewis Foundation. Also watch the promo vid where Chris Murphy acts like a goofball because that’s what he does best!

3. In Montreal: STARS this Saturday at Metropolis. Duh.

4. Now: Vote for the Pablove Shutterbugs program that helps kids with cancer express themselves through photography.

Have fun. No matter which path you choose.

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