Musical Mnemonics 4: The Beautiful South

Did I actually like The Beautiful South as a teenager? I think I did, since I was attracted to them enough to swipe my sister’s CD copy of 0898 Beautiful South. I think I really wanted to like them, for whatever reason, but never got into them hardcore. I’d pop on the disc, then think: “I’d rather be listening to World Party,” which is equally harsh for everyone involved.

Up for review today is: “Song for Whoever (Pencil Case Song)”

If there ever was a reason for the meme WTF to be invented, it may be to describe this video. The bottom line, IMHO, is how perfectly early-90’s this is: strangely abstract, totally about nothing. Musically and visually. I mean, culturally we thought we were doing fine, but in reality it was a wash of moral-less culture that had run its course, exhausted all aspects of its identity. Baby blue blazers with pushed up sleeves. ‘Nuff said.

Besides, that jiggling Jell-O mold makes me think of Dr. Demento. At least we had comedy back then.

Then grunge broke. THANK THE LORD FOR GRUNGE. So, I propose that 2011 be the age of neo-Grunge, of something that will rescue us morally from the music that fails to speak to us, lyrically or otherwise.

2 Replies to “Musical Mnemonics 4: The Beautiful South”

  1. Hi Natalia, i’ve been following The Dears work and i wanted to say that i love all the risks and twists you assume with your music. For the post, i don’t know how old are you but i feel that your comments about Beatiful South (it could be any other nice “indie” band of that time) and the arrival of the grunge, describes quite well what i felt in 1991. I guess it was because grunge put the personal ethic and morals at the top of the page on the writing of music. I don’t know, but i felt it like it was something, as a young person, i was waiting for. I just downloaded your new song, i will listen to it (and i’m sure i will love it). Sorry for my english, i’m from Uruguay. In case you have the time, check out my web: Best!

  2. I actually went to see The Beautiful South live in Toronto. TWICE! I must have been missing The Housemartins or something. I think the songwriting was trying to be archly clever in the manner of Jarvis Cocker or something, but ended up being largely forgettable. Remember their song 36D? Ugh. No desire to revisit their music, even for nostalgia’s sake.

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