Know Your Meme: Nyan Cat

If my husband only knew what I’ve spent the last ten minutes doing. That is, researching Nyan Cat. So, first I watched the video. After one minute, noticing that this lasts for 3:30 and seeing the astronomical number of views (nearly 25 MILLION), I started to giggle. This is ridiculous. See for yourself:

But, like other internet memes I am YEARS late on, I had seen enough references to the “Nyan Cat” that it was time for me to get schooled. I headed on over to — which I guess is an important cultural catalogue of idiotic internet shit (so much more than being “RickRoll’d“) — and read up on the genesis of Nyan Cat. It’s ridiculous, but the internet has created a place for us to share inside jokes internationally. As a planet… well, only those with computers and internet, which I realise isn’t everybody. Sad face for disparity. 😦

Anyway, read/watch up! You’ll thank me for all the time you’ve wasted later…

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