Backyard Projects: Outdoor Sink (Part 1)

This summer has been partially dedicated to “busying myself” around the house. There are a million little projects I wish I had time for, but one of my biggest ones was completed early in the season: The Outdoor Sink. The goal was to free-cycle, recycle and up-cycle all the parts. So aside from a box of deck screws, this whole thing was built for around $15.

Step 1: Draw up some plans.

There were a lot of plans. It is a small space and I was restricted to the materials I had on hand. Which brings me to:

Step 2: Materials.

I had a bunch of cedar planks and 2 cedar 4X4 posts Murray had left over from building our recycled barn wood backyard harvest table. These would be the main parts of my work table, and the big challenges were fitting into the small space, minimizing cuts, and attaching the legs. As you can see from all the designs, I tried to integrate the legs into the structure, when in the end I settled on using two metal post plates (another thing I had to buy) to attach the legs to the top. I would also need a sink. I had my craigslist/garbage picker’s eye out for a few weeks, finally finding this small stainless-steel bar sink for $7 at a garage sale.

Step 4: Asess, measure, plan.

Hunh. Here’s the nook. It was used basically as a place for the hose winder thing to hang out. Also, not the greatest place for the hose to be. Generally, water + electric mains = bad idea. But it was like that when we got the house so I wasn’t about to start drilling holes in the exterior wall. Ghetto-styles rule this Park-Ex project.

Up next: Commit to the lumber & my hilarious plumbing skillz.

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