As I was writing this piece of fiction, I was in tears. It was meant to me the culmination of a short story, the tender moment that ends it all. But in the meanwhile, that short story (d)evolved into something longer, into a greater beast. The beast has left my big sappy ending floating, like a piece of paragraphical driftwood, among more meaningful ideas. Solid stuff that is lodged firmly in the sand. 

Though I love the interaction in Flash Fiction (1), it has no place in my fiction-science world. I wondered if — stripped of the deeper character portraits and adventures that were originally behind them — this epic send-off could hold its weight?

I propose to you, then, a piece of “flash fiction” or whatever you’d like to call it (Wikipedia also suggests: sudden fiction, microfiction, micro-story, short short, postcard fiction, short short story). I assure you that I adhere to zero rules of writing (except for common grammar, I hope). Word length? Bah! Story arc? Heave ho! 

So without further ado, I present, Flash Fiction (1) by Natalia Yanchak.

One Reply to “FLASH FICTION (1)”

  1. At least that was scifi. Today alone, the tax client next door cried non stop as he told my daughter that his wife died at work.He said her boss was shouting at her and she had a heartattack and died.Did you hear that my daughter asked me? No, i was online downloading an IRS identity theft affidavit for ms T,. seems someone has already used her number and filed a fraudulent return.
    Two minutes later, i sit and talk to a bank to fax me a indemnity bond for a client who just last night picked up her check and lost it.all this and the day is not over.
    Yesterday wasn’t much better but it’s not about me..
    Your short story tells me that pain is everywhere.

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