Kids These Days (Condescending Blog)

I haven’t blogged here in a while, so I’m going to take this opportunity to WAIL on a couple of “self proclaimed music critics” or “bloggers” as it were (see below). Now, it is obvious to me that these are young people (20-somethings), trying to find their place in the world. They are learning about who they are and the things that define them. I know it. I lived it: I wrote for VICE from the age of 20 to 25. That’s your SNARK PRIME. In your 20’s, it’s your time to be flippant and critical: you’ve only emerged from your teens (when you know everything about the world) and entered into a nascent adulthood. A time to illustrate to the world how much you really know, because now you have to pay rent and get a job and be responsible for yourself.  

So this is my rant, my response to these arrogant bloggers who say that my band is boring to watch live, (despite describing in the previous sentence how the whole crowd was singing along and how they felt an inexplicable energy in the room) but that they wouldn’t be interested in The Dears once they took that experience home. I call bullshit on their words. BULLSHIT.

Kids these days are emerging from a digital haze, of being bombarded with millions of songs and thousands of bands. I understand, it can be difficult to make heads or tails of anything. What is good? Who knows? Who can we trust? Today’s youth have been programmed to not follow their heart, but to follow the blogosphere. They are influenced by everything and everyone. How can they know about music when they’ve never really listened to anything? They can’t know until they are 35, because that’s when they begin to know themselves. Until then they are bombarded with a culture that is desperately trying to compete for their attention. They bring several floor toms and impossible instruments on stage. They have crazy, premeditated outfits and freak out on stage, because that’s how they think they should act. Otherwise how will they cut above the rest?

THANK GOD I “show my age” on stage. Do you know what that is called? DIGNITY.

On the flip side I thank the hundreds of other people who did enjoy the show! I admit it wasn’t our best show ever but it was loads of fun. And we got some great reviews from and Telescope Media. This blog even called us a “buzzband” which in my opinion, defies the very definition of the word.

And finally, I congratulate the young writers whom I have addressed here for being annoying enough to draw attention to themselves. You have succeeded in your task! You can read the “show reviews” written by “music fanatic” Shawn Burgess at THE iNDiE MACHiNE and also Lisa Lagace at Thank you for farting all over everyone else’s experience (including mine), and for reluctantly enjoying the show! Please respond in the comments section below!

P.S. I reference God for effect and do not adhere to any him/her/it theology.


10 Replies to “Kids These Days (Condescending Blog)”

  1. a promoter that i’m playing a show with posted this link on facebook saying how he likes the dears but how it’s very “snobby and immature” to say things like you did, but that’s because he’s friends with the guys at The Indie Machine and he knows the writer who that review. I looked at that writer’s other reviews and his bio, and it turns out he’s a drummer in a power pop / rock band, and for that reason, his review does not surprise me in the least. You’re right about a lot of things in this post, but specifically, that kids these days (and in fact, most people these days) don’t know what’s good from shit unless it’s spoonfed to them, and even then, it’s media companies who are paid to sell artists that are feeding them (Audioblood, MUSIartists, etc etc). And people eat that shit up, but you know what it takes to be on their roster? Money, that’s it. And that’s what people eat up. They eat up whoever pays one of these media companies to blast them everywhere and make them a “buzz band”. The times, they are-a-changeing, but don’t be offended by what someone in a powerpop band has to say about the Dears, because what you guys are doing is worth doing.

    All the best,


  2. Why do you fucking care so much? Move on. Your posturing does nothing but show your hand, not your maturity – which you very clearly lack and have replaced instead with a mislabeled inflated ego that is publicly mortifying – albeit hilarious to watch. Nascant adulthood. Ha. Get over yourself you irrelevant raisin cured from a vapid hipster of days passed.

  3. Also, I honestly woulda been as annoyed if it was a blog I never heard of as I would be if was the Indie Machine. See you on Thursday Anton.

  4. It’s not hate, please – don’t feel hated. It’s just guttural reaction to the trite, unfounded public condescension you have displayed for an entire dynamic generation of people that you both DON’T KNOW and have clearly prejudged as jesters in the elder court of cool and so would not take them seriously anyway, regardless of their actions. Shame people should defend themselves when addressed contemptuously, scornfully, and undeservedly by someone who is obviously so out of touch with reality that they can’t zoom out and see that they are doing EXACTLY what they are accusing their *apparent* detractors of? On that note – I’d say that you’re the one sloughing through the hate – attempting to make two creative young people public pariahs with your icy, flippant, and entitled apparent celebrity? Did you even read their articles? They COMPLIMENTED you but added something along the lines of “I wish I were a bigger fan or that people who would have discovered them were there because it was a great show”. This is farting on your night? Or did you just interpret it as hateful because I didn’t avert my eyes from looking into the void? And you’re talking about your dignity? Wait. You’re trolling the internet, right? Is it for the lulz? It’s for the lulz, right? If so, you should post this wisdom on Reddit, or 4Chan – better bang for your buck. You should have done it 10 years ago so I didn’t waste my money on all those Dears records.

  5. You can’t essentially say that anyone under the age of 35 is not entitled to an opinion on music, and that certainly people between the ages of 20 – 25 are overly critical know-it-alls, and not expect people to shit all over you. I do find it curious that 35 is approximately your age. Coincidence?

    Bottom line, I typically don’t get all critical on bands because art is always in the eye of the beholder. Some people think early P.J. Harvey is dissonant crap, I think it’s gritty awesomeness. And my musical tastes have certainly evolved since I was 16. However, I don’t think that makes my perspective at that age any less valid.

    I do agree with one aspect of your rant: it does take some pretty major self-importance and arrogance to dismiss a band out of hand. That being said, if age was some sort of determinant of musical knowledge, we’d have to say that Frank Sinatra is the pinnacle of musical greatness given that most grandparents love his stuff. Not to say that I would disagree, he is pretty damn awesome.

  6. I appreciate everyone’s thoughtful comments here (except that guy that is getting all Brooklyn Vegan on me). In the end, this is all I hope, to stir conversation, to make people think about what they are reading and saying. Also, to put it all into perspective, this is my personal blog — it represents my thoughts and feelings, not one of a greater collective, nor of my band — it’s not like this is the New York Times or anything. I’m not expecting to influence anyone to change their minds, I’m just sharing what’s on my mine.

    Of course it’s condescending (note: the title) and of course it’s arrogant, it’s a RANT. I stand by what I say, and I don’t expect anyone to agree.

  7. I couldn’t agree more. After years of being a huge fan of The Dears, it was all because I followed my heart and was obsessed with the science and creativity of meaningful poetry. Beside music being my only constant savior in the cruel rapids of this discombobulated world, it was all because I could comprehend and realized that I was not the only one in the world that has felt this certain way at that certain time, I couldn’t generalize enough that when I attend to music that I enjoy, I cannot help but notice that a lot of people that stand next to me utilize their presence as a gauge of their prestige in how “in” they are. It is pathetic. Why would I care? Because it ruins the experience that you used to have, when music was a safe place to be yourself, not be judged, and just hear someone else out for a change, praise their talent, and go home inspired. Since people find that negativity at work, on the streets, or at school where else would you rather feel secure than with artists that could relate.

  8. Half these people didn’t even go read the reviews before commenting on this rant. They weren’t even that negative and to write a full on rant about them is kind of ridiculous. I’m a 20 something that reviews music also, so I don’t think you can validly tell us that we’re not allowed to do so because guess what? We’re you’re demographic. We’re the ones who will go to your shows, buy the records.. so to dismiss them is downright stupid.

    Everyone has just as much right to review music as a major publication does. Welcome to the internet age miss. I don’t get how a member of a band I’ve actually heard of doesn’t know how to deal with criticism by now.

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