Galactic Tides

Read a great post this morning from PANK Magazine Blog:

“Galactic tides will end our lives – Taking us down in the moonlight”
The Dears – Galactic Tides

There are some masses, immense and greedy. I try to stay away from them, stay away from their gravitational field. Otherwise, the closer I get, the more I will change; the more parts of me will change.

Sometimes there is destruction. Some tides pull hard enough to rip you apart.

Nobody is Safe: I WILL Go There.

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you check out my interview with Midnight Poutine. It is an eye-opening take on the modern-day music industry, “indie” culture and other forms of depravity. Let’s talk about it when you’re interviewing me! I accept the challenge. It’s really long so you can put it on your personal MP3 listening device and listen to it on the way home from work.

Midnight Poutine vs. Natalia Yanchak (The Dears) (direct link to MP3)

Also you can watch us on the Late Show with David Letterman this Friday Feb 11th on CBS. We do a rousing rendition of BLOOD with Paul Shaffer + the Late Night Band horn section. Badass.

Awesome Drawing

A drawing by Jorge Arturo Sosa Chavarría. It just turned up on our Facebook page and I totally love it. Fan art = amazingness.

Year in Preview

Ahhh, first post of 2011. I recently got a “status report” from WordPress about the “health” of my blog. Apparently this blog is very healthy or “WOW” status, to use their terminology. It’s been viewed 28,000 times in 2010, which works out to 2,333.333 times per month, which it pretty awesome considering I only post about 4 times a month.

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Yeah, um, so anyway. Welcome back. I hope to post more, but I’ve been spending more time working on my sci fi ideas, of which I hope to post clips soon. What would you prefer, though: a text post or a free downloadable mp3 of me READING the text? Listen to that shit on your way to work! Or both. Just an idea.

2011 is going to be a busy year: I forsee lots and LOTS of touring, coming to visit everyone we haven’t seen in a while. Love you all, thanks for reading, and for being one of the 77.777 daily visitors!

Musical Mnemonics 4: The Beautiful South

Did I actually like The Beautiful South as a teenager? I think I did, since I was attracted to them enough to swipe my sister’s CD copy of 0898 Beautiful South. I think I really wanted to like them, for whatever reason, but never got into them hardcore. I’d pop on the disc, then think: “I’d rather be listening to World Party,” which is equally harsh for everyone involved.

Up for review today is: “Song for Whoever (Pencil Case Song)”

If there ever was a reason for the meme WTF to be invented, it may be to describe this video. The bottom line, IMHO, is how perfectly early-90’s this is: strangely abstract, totally about nothing. Musically and visually. I mean, culturally we thought we were doing fine, but in reality it was a wash of moral-less culture that had run its course, exhausted all aspects of its identity. Baby blue blazers with pushed up sleeves. ‘Nuff said.

Besides, that jiggling Jell-O mold makes me think of Dr. Demento. At least we had comedy back then.

Then grunge broke. THANK THE LORD FOR GRUNGE. So, I propose that 2011 be the age of neo-Grunge, of something that will rescue us morally from the music that fails to speak to us, lyrically or otherwise.


While you read this, you should be downloading and listening to BLOOD from our new album. It is free. Click there. Harpsichord solo, grunge guitars, punishing bass (that your computer speakers can’t handle).

I had a bunch of stuff to say earlier on, typed everything out, then decided it was not fit to print. Total baloney. Anyhow, you should still listen to the song and think about these cool things happening right now:

1. Indie Rock Coloring book on sale from YBP today (Tuesday) only. Or buy something else tomorrow.

2. You and your kids should Dare to Drum this weekend. A family charity event happening all across Canada to help raise money for the Steven Lewis Foundation. Also watch the promo vid where Chris Murphy acts like a goofball because that’s what he does best!

3. In Montreal: STARS this Saturday at Metropolis. Duh.

4. Now: Vote for the Pablove Shutterbugs program that helps kids with cancer express themselves through photography.

Have fun. No matter which path you choose.

Pinned Together, Falling Apart

I just read my bandmate’s latest eponymous* instalment of the BENVIE MEMO. In it, he draws comparison between certain moments of The Dears’ No Cities Left to the forthcoming Degeneration Street. He, Benvie, links through to this track from NCL, which I just now finished listening to (you should too, at least before reading on):

Listening to this track was enlightening (revisiting our catalogue is always a stirring reminder of my own history) in that I could recall how our first albums were (and in a way, remain) pretty far out there. I was invogourated by the idea that Degeneration Street is a total return to this: with a twisted message of love, it stomps on the hopes and dreams of the now-commodified vision of indie rock, the vulgar portrait of Dorian Gray today’s music “scenesters” refuse to look at. Yeah, you know who you are.

But I see the change coming. I see the worn-down edges of society. You are ready for something new, for something real, for that thing that reminds you who you are and why you continue.**

* I can use big words too.
** Fuck, I love Morrissey.

Portrait of Us

Check this painting/portrait of Murray and myself that was part of a recent series by Quebec City paintress Caroline Jean. She also did one of The Dears’ Patrick Krief and Maia Davies of Ladies of the Canyon (who are, incidentally, opening our Wednesday Oct 13th residency show in Toronto).