‘Best Of’ Brings Out The Worst Of…Me

The end of the year, end of the decade, time to compile a list of highs and lows. In past years, I haven’t cared, haven’t really bothered: I’ve read the lists, enjoyed them, agreed and disagreed verbally to printed matter. I don’t know why, this time around, I am so not interested.

I was asked to contribute to a handful of lists this year, picking my top artists, bands, albums, shows, etc. And I had to decline. When the requests came in, I considered them, and realised that the past year has been, well, totally beige. Especially in Canada. With the exception of Metric’s Fansaties and a handful of great songs/ideas from others, what could I remember? What was timeless? I didn’t know. I couldn’t think of anything. Was that my fault? Maybe I was lazy this year. Did I not keep up? No: I’ve been worn down by repetition, the references to the references, the derivativity, the lack of soul, a saturated milieu, churning out music devoid of spirit and purpose.

For example, could someone please explain this to me? It 100% boggles my mind.

Times have changed, I suppose. I’ve changed. I’ve changed quite a bit, and philosophically look at music and the music industry in a hyper-evolved way. In four dimensions. And once you achieve that fourth dimension, everything changes. Perspective is paramount, and there’s no going back to the way things were before.

Or the Battlestar Galactica marathon I’m on has clouded my memory.

1st Blog of 2009

This year has begun as have many others before it: without ceremony, a few days of lounging around in pajamas before the “back-to-work” flurry of activity hits. This year it was January 5th, back to work, back to people returning your emails, returning your calls. Touring right up into the holidays is a bit anti-climactic: we got home and it was like we had to wait until the next year to finish working on the tour. Which is kind of fine.

Murray played Prince of Persia on the PS3, which I got him for Christmas (later I confessed that I kind of got it for myself, too). He alternated between gaming and taking down a wall in our basement. I forced the band to move out of our overpriced rehearsal space in St-Michel, and into our more moderately priced (i.e. included in mortgage) Park-Ex basement. The location is much better and it’s more comfortable. And we don’t have to deal with metal bands anymore, though they were all very nice to us; especially our neighbours, Unbeing. Anyhow, it’s very comfortable in our newly appointed rec-room and Neptune even likes to hang out down there, helping daddy fix things and tidy up.

Right now Murray is down there, jamming with Yann. They are working on something new; I think that’s what I hear up through the floor boards.

It took me six days to write this first post…and even though it’s technically been the “holidays,” the self-employed never really have holidays unless they are somewhere where their Blackberries and iPhones don’t have reception. And ours was spent accordingly, troubleshooting our professional lives which so fluidly meld with our personal lives. There’s no real distinction anymore: we are so emotionally entrenched in The Dears. We can’t help it. We believe in this thing, in each other, in The Dears 2.0, in our audience, critics and co-workers, in our management, in all of you. We just can’t help ourselves. We are manic about this project…

…manic for 2009.

Sound Cloak

Read this today and was simultaneously “WOW!” and “WTF?”

Experts unveil ‘cloak of silence’.

Thought the idea might help get through the weekend.

PS – And here’s something to look at: Prada Resort 2009. Faves? From the slideshow: 7, 12, 18 is FIERCE, 22 is hot, 23 would work fantastically with some eccentric horn-rimmed glasses. Now only if I had $8,000 to spend on a pair of pants…actually if I had 8k to blow on something it would definitely not be a piece of clothing…

PPS – This addendum brings a whole double entendre to the title…