I, Teenager (Pt. 2)

OMG you guys. After rifling through university applications, essays on the feminist narrative, portfolios and letters of intent, 3.5″ floppy disk backups, zines and magazines, templates, sketches and notebooks, and everything related to my “photography phase,” nothing supported my claim that the questionable Wu-Tang review was ever published. I found newsprint copies of Vice from 1998, but nothing pre-dating that (save for the standard adolescent sketchbooks and diaries).

I avoided getting into any of that archival stuff too deeply, knowing that I could get sidetracked for hours, reading short stories and gasping at, well, myself. I’m certain that if I let myself go there, this post would be chock-full of endearingly embarrassing things. I’d still be scanning the stuff. So I’ll save that for another time, when there really is nothing left to say.

For now there remains marginally enough to share.

And the quick gumshoe work of reader Helenoe confirmed that it would have been impossible for Weird Al to have been in Toronto, since he was performing his own concert in Wilkes-Barre, PA, kicking off his Bad Hair Day tour.

Lucky for the rest of us, I initially forgot to type in “tour” after “Bad Hair Day” in my Google search box and the first thing that came up was this image, which left me quite speechless.

Tour Dates: An Ultimate Dears List

This is possibly THE most boring and tedious thing I have ever done, but my completist nature forced me into it, and I’m still disappointed because I don’t think it’s truly complete. I’ve compiled a year-by-year list of all The Dears’ tour dates. Info for the more recent years is pretty complete, but 2002 and further into the past, things get a bit fuzzy. I mean, those shows pre-date my current computer and my old, tangerine clamshell Mac is totally fried. This means I have to dig into physical files, deep down in the Tomato Sauce Closet.

I was a little worried that listing all our past shows might come off as, um, masturbatory. But I’ve always wanted to include it somewhere on our site. I think of it more as a testament to our fans, to the people who have (and haven’t) come to the shows: even though that one night can seem fleeting, it lasts in some ephemeral way. It might even be cool to expand the list archivally, where we can all (that’s you, readers, and us, the band) post scraps of memories that we have collected: anecdotal events, show posters, photos and crappy mobile phone films, ticket stubs, set lists, press, your reviews and experiences, even. And in the future we can add content as we go along.

Our site is absolutely not set up to receive this kind of info. So for now it’s just a one-dimensional list, but I’m going to push to have this included when we relaunch thedears.org. I have to put that giant box of old show posters to use somehow. Some of them are really beautiful, others are shoddy photocopy jobs; I do have one from a show in Groningen, NL in Neptune’s room because it’s so cute.

Anyway, just an idea.