WTF Mondays.

Today, for some reason (TGIM?), the BBC had some really awesome, brainless, insightful headlines today:

Twitter tweets 40% babble: we needed a media outlet to tell us this? How does one validate an observation like: “It’s raining.” Is that babble if P Diddy is tweeting it?

US banknotes show cocaine traces: Barfitating, sickitating, grossitating. Cocaine sucks. But on 95% of bills?

Belgian girl’s tattoo ‘nightmare’: Someone fucked up.

Moderate drinking ‘boosts bones’: And my doctor wants me to take a calcium supplement. As if.

Oh shit gotta run…my 4-year-old is cutting her own hair!

London Tonight; Toronto Last Week

This is the second attempt to finish this post. Yesterday, at the Rough Trade store in Brick Lane, the internet connection just did not approve. I tried two different computers and had a very witty and well written first paragraph suddenly disappear. It was much better than this first paragraph.

We are in London and play Porchester Hall tonight. With the help of alternating pints of beer and double macchiatos, we have conquered the jet lag and I’ve been waking up feeling very well-rested and normal. Adjusting when we get back home is going to be rough. I’ve found that staying incredibly busy – as we have been, having completed an 8-hour press day yesterday, followed by an in-store performance – doesn’t allow for any fading away or moments of exhaustion. You just go, do things, do interviews, do acoustic shows. The secret (apart from the pints/coffee equation)? Drink lots of water.

You can listen here to our BBC 6 Hub session with George Lamb (this link expires in a week).

Seven days ago, we were in Toronto. Murray and I did a TV interview with MTV, and I realised during that my socks were not exactly matched. While both black, one was slightly more faded and had a textured stripe through it. I was kind of embarrassed and I don’t know if you can see but I am always touching my ankles while seated, self-conscious as the odd socks peeked out.

That was before our Thursday night Toronto show. It went well enough, but while we were playing, the venue was having their liquor license revoked. There was an odd energy in the air: between that and our nerves playing out. After a post-show sing-a-long (which seems to be our new favourite backstage pastime) we all went for Guinness pints and street meat/veggie dogs.

Although we got home after 2AM, Murray and I had to be at the CBC for 8AM Friday morning. We did Q with Jian Gomeshi: catch the podcast here. We had a 10-hour press day – literally Murray did not finish until 6PM. It was exhausting and exhilarating, and I brought Neptune by for part of the day just so we could see her.

We had time for a cat nap before heading back to the venue. Friday night’s Toronto show was incredible. The audience was great and I don’t know what it was but it was our best show yet. Murray said it may have been the best Dears show in history. The songs were near perfect…we were just gelling on stage, having fun and being into it. It’s incredible: new beginnings, new beginnings (joke for McCarron).