Beaches and Burnouts

Touring can propose a tough dilemma: we go to all these places and yet have seen so little of them beyond the bus, hotel, a nearby restaurant and venue. Today we rolled into San Diego in the morning – its my first time in the city proper – and this may be our only chance to hit up the ocean. Murray, Neptune, Tanya, Laura and I rented a car and drove out to Mission Beach. We went to Belmont Park: Neptune was “so surprised to be at the fair!”

She made “fabulous” sand piles and dodged seaweed that floated up in the waves.

Usually after a long day, the family goes home, tired, sunned, winded, watches something on TV then everybody falls asleep after dinner. Well, not this family. After getting all tired, sunned, winded and oceaned out, this family heads back to the bus for load-in. The days are long, longer than they ever are at home. But after even just a few days, spending hours lingering (waiting, really) on a bus will give even the most patient soul a case of cabin fever. You’ve got to find a way out of the box.

So again, after finding an amusement park at Seattle Center earlier today, mom and dad are dead tired. My eyes are itchy, and although the ferris wheel was rejuvenating, it was also a little barfitating.

As far as sightseeing, Neptune’s needs give us purpose: forcing us to have a destination for the day. I am just too tired. That’s what happens at week 5: a burnout cloud hovers over us, choosing carefully which one it decides to take down next.

I started this post days ago in San Diego and am finishing it now in Victoria. One part of the tour has finished and the next is just beginning….Eulogies and Great Northern head home while we kind of do the same. Tomorrow we meet up with Black Diamond Bay and Jets Overhead to start something new.

And I think this new start with new bands in a new country will change the shows for sure. And I’m hoping to catch up on sleep, get back into feeling on top again.