Oh. My. God. Sometimes it is so embarrassing to be from Quebec: Quebec singer calls CBC ‘racist’ after francophones cut from broadcast. I mean, the artist did get a bit of a shaft (such is the nature of the business…get over it), but I think his describing francophones as the “white Negro” of Canada is going WAY too far. What is he implying, exactly?

Recently Quebec’s “language police” tried to fine an Irish pub for decorating their establishment with those classic “Thank Goodness for Guiness” posters. Oh, why? Because they’re only in English, and therefore exclude francophones. Why, might I ask, does a person set foot into an Irish pub in the first place? It is obviously not to feel more French. See: Quebec language police pressure Montreal bar over posters.

You know I don’t even want to get into this because the ongoing francophone struggle to define itself in Quebec is, at times, frustratingly mind boggling. Culture is, by nature, something that evolves. It is something that represents its people in an organic way. It is foolish to try and preserve a culture by forcing an ossified mandate on a society: it at once ceases to be a true culture.

Maybe I don’t completely understand how the francophone culture is being eroded by anglophones. But xenophobic language battles like these ones make me – a bilingual anglophone in Quebec – feel unwelcome. I love Montreal, and I’m proud to be living here. I spend my life promoting the city’s – and province’s – culture with The Dears, and I don’t intend to stop.