The Cockroach Story

I was talking to my mom on the phone when our friend, the 2-inch cucaracha, crawled over my foot. What’s up with this thing? Why does he like me so much? I discussed with my sister why cockroaches are so demonised, and aside from their parasitical nature and ability to reproduce and take over your entire kitchen feeding only off a spot of grease, they’re no different than a common beetle. Cockroaches aren’t poisonous and don’t carry disease (do they?), they don’t bite and don’t want to hang out while you’re around. But anyway, I’m just trying to make myself feel better for the next time our buddy crawls on me. I am generally anti-roach. Next subject.

I will, however, recount my favorite cockroach sighting. It happened a few years ago in New York City. I was living there with my cousin for a bit and walking one evening in Manhattan I remember seeing a roach scuttling along the sidewalk, too. Like it had purpose, a meeting to get to, and needed to get down 2nd Avenue in a hurry. I also imagined it was carrying a little, mini roach briefcase. We walked in tandem for a block then went our separate ways. It was a very New York moment.