Awesome Drawing

A drawing by Jorge Arturo Sosa Chavarría. It just turned up on our Facebook page and I totally love it. Fan art = amazingness.

Mr. Spock

Mr. Spockie, by Neptune.

Although I find the fact that he is smiling highly irregular.

Shows Coming Up…You Going?

I’ve spent the past few days working on these shows we have coming up. I forget that things like long weekends and moving day can affect the things we do: hotels in Peterborough are completely sold out. When I asked why, one hotel concierge gave the reason: “Dog show.” Also Peterborough is in the heart of cottage country in Ontario so I guess that’s what people do on the weekend. Next was finding a trailer for the van. I forgot that this weekend is when the entire city of Montreal moves. Someone came up with the genius idea to have all leases begin and end July 1st, causing traffic and vehicle rental mayhem. Anyway, I had to call around but finally found one. It’s all sorted.

So we hope to see you out this weekend. Come and say hello:

July 3 – Live Lounge, Ottawa, ON (w/ Amos the Transparent)
July 4 – Montreal House, Peterborough, ON (w/ Amos the Transparent)
July 6 – Club Soda, Montreal, QC (Montreal Jazz Fest)

Also Yellow Bird Project has released the t-shirt Neptune designed. I have to admit it was odd seeing her drawing on a shirt worn by a fancy model. Check it out and get your own…they’re super nice and all the proceeds are given to the Pablove Foundation.


There are times when I feel art is hopeless: inundated by music and the unpleasant plethora of bad art, that vision has become secondary. Yet every now and again I pull my head out of the sand, to realise that there is a whole world of non-music, multi-disciplinary art out there. I am reassured that musicians aren’t in it alone, knowing that there exists an equally unsettling amount of bad non-music art. Anyhow, not to say that I am a barometer of any sort on what makes art “good” or “bad,” but today I was intrigued by this…

I was just reading the pages of a blog I enjoy called design*sponge, and they were talking about a Korean artist named Yeondoo Jung. He had asked a bunch of 5 to 7 year old kids to do drawings which Jung then reinterpreted in photographs. Here’s an example, but you should check out the entire project called Wonderland.