Tuesday’s Links

Some things I’ve seen lately, that have struck me as a little interesting:

The $150 Space Camera. At first it was just a curious headline, then the thought of it was really, really heavy. Space is not that far away.

Women Rescued from Reality TV scam. I don’t know who is more desperate in this situation? The captives or the captors?

Want Your Own Dinosaur? Place your Bids. Is this morally responsible? Like, should ancient things belong to anyone? They should be everyman’s.

The Mythbusters at The Emmys. From Adam Savage’s Twitter. He is such a nerd. And hilarious. My crush continues.

An entire house, tented. Insane pesticide or some kind of anti-bug bomb ensued. From Jeff Castelaz’s Twitter. See, in Canada if you just wait it out a few months until winter, all the bugs die of cold anyway. Ya, right…

VMA Fug Carpet: Lady Gaga. While sometimes irritatingly annoying, Ms. Gaga’s fashion shenanigans can be eye-roll-inducing. But I agree with Go Fug Yourself: this red outfit is amazing. That is some sci-fi, video game, Silent Hill-quality avant-garde shit, for which I give her mad props. That getup, my friends, is OG.

Ok. Now go have a productive week. I’m gonna go…scrape.

UPDATE: Heart Attack Grill. HOLY SHIT. MIND BLOWN! Watch the YouTube clip at the bottom of the page.

Sound Cloak

Read this today and was simultaneously “WOW!” and “WTF?”

Experts unveil ‘cloak of silence’.

Thought the idea might help get through the weekend.

PS – And here’s something to look at: Prada Resort 2009. Faves? From the slideshow: 7, 12, 18 is FIERCE, 22 is hot, 23 would work fantastically with some eccentric horn-rimmed glasses. Now only if I had $8,000 to spend on a pair of pants…actually if I had 8k to blow on something it would definitely not be a piece of clothing…

PPS – This addendum brings a whole double entendre to the title…