Random Notes

So sorry for the lack of blog. What with the weather getting all nice (it’s supposed to be 20 C on Friday!), I’ve been mostly preoccupied with being outdoors. Neptune and I have reinstated our morning walk, and I’ve put the toboggan in storage, exchanging it for her plastic slide. We’ve been hanging out in the backyard: she plays in her surprisingly not-soggy sandbox, while I urge the snow to melt by spreading it across the sunny bits of the yard. I also organized a whole whack of empty beer bottles that were in surprisingly extra-soggy boxes, and partially dismantled a couple skids that our firewood was delivered on. I’ve been testing paint chits against the walls, too.

When not outside, I am, well, inside. Applying for grants, reading other blogs. Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence: there’s a new album I want to hear that Pitchfork actually liked! We agree on something! Who is this mysteriously astute writer…Brian Howe. I must find out more. Anyway, the album is M83’s Saturday=Youth. I loved “Before the Dawn Heals Us”: their music is unafraid, conceptual and dense, sophisticated and absolutely not ironic when referring to the past. I love it.

What I Did Today

Today was very boring, as were the past few days. I’ve been compiling a grant application, and that is a very boring thing to do. Not rockstar at all. I must have just shattered your perception of me. Completely shattered.

I took a break from the grant to vote for The Besnard Lakes at this year’s Mimi awards. It’s a pretty insular, completely Montreal-centric award that celebrates independent artists. Anyhow if you want you can vote here, too.

Also I had to wait for FedEx. One of our labels was cleaning house and had all our rushes from our videos in storage. They asked if we wanted them and we of course said yes, that we would store them in the basement closet next to the jars of tomato sauce and box of Chart magazines. I didn’t realise how much film there was: these are actually reels of 35mm film; I haven’t counted how many, but the boxes are heavy and I can’t move them from the hallway. I wonder if there are any hilarious outtakes on there? Probably not. We rarely have fun making videos (it must show). Does anyone out there want to help us make videomaking fun? Please let me know.

So I will go back to my grant. Sorry for being so boring.