‘Best Of’ Brings Out The Worst Of…Me

The end of the year, end of the decade, time to compile a list of highs and lows. In past years, I haven’t cared, haven’t really bothered: I’ve read the lists, enjoyed them, agreed and disagreed verbally to printed matter. I don’t know why, this time around, I am so not interested.

I was asked to contribute to a handful of lists this year, picking my top artists, bands, albums, shows, etc. And I had to decline. When the requests came in, I considered them, and realised that the past year has been, well, totally beige. Especially in Canada. With the exception of Metric’s Fansaties and a handful of great songs/ideas from others, what could I remember? What was timeless? I didn’t know. I couldn’t think of anything. Was that my fault? Maybe I was lazy this year. Did I not keep up? No: I’ve been worn down by repetition, the references to the references, the derivativity, the lack of soul, a saturated milieu, churning out music devoid of spirit and purpose.

For example, could someone please explain this to me? It 100% boggles my mind.

Times have changed, I suppose. I’ve changed. I’ve changed quite a bit, and philosophically look at music and the music industry in a hyper-evolved way. In four dimensions. And once you achieve that fourth dimension, everything changes. Perspective is paramount, and there’s no going back to the way things were before.

Or the Battlestar Galactica marathon I’m on has clouded my memory.

Top 3 Top 5 (or more)

Lists are fun to read when you’ve been reading your smart magazines all day. Here are three lists-like pieces I read recently that were entertaining:

Five Gadgets That Will Make You a Superhero on Wired.com. ‘Nuff said.

The Hater’s Guide to Summer Fun on The Onion’s AV Club. The Hater is generally good for lists. I like the dress but does it come in black?

Inconvenient Truths: Get Ready to Rethink What It Means to be Green on Wired.com. An OK list, but seriously has some holes. Like take number 2: “A/C is OK”. Yeah, if you’re living in the 1800’s and talking about heating your home with OIL or COAL. Very non-progressive. It’s called HYDRO, dufus. Come to Quebec. Check it out. Number 9 (Used Cars – Not Hybrids) was interesting, too, since Murray told me the story of Paul McCartney ordering a hydrogen car and then finding out it took like a billion gallons of oil to fly it over for him (McCartney was pissed). And number 10 gets a nod: just because it’s my mantra: Expect the Worst.