At the moment, I am procrastinating. I do not want to do the big pile of grant paperwork I must do. Alas, as a Canadian musician, this is my burden. I AM NOT COMPLAINING.

In the meanwhile, I’ve posted a few short notes at our fancy new “Dears Blog.” Admittedly, I’m trying to figure out how to only post here, and also make it appear on It seems like it should be so simple … I use WordPress, the new site is written in WordPress 3-point-something. I digress. I remain a terrible nerd.

Ok well, for now I will “co-blog” or “bi-blog” or “double-blog” or whatever that term should be. But if there are any WordPress pros out there, leave a comment and let me know if there’s some magical plug-in I should know about.

Meanwhile, YOU should know about this: