Viva Mexico!

Mexico was totally amazing. I’ve been having trouble trying to put together a blog post for the trip. It was just an awesome vibe more than anything else. It’s almost like what I thought, how I felt every night about my performance, technical problems, personal critiques, didn’t (and still don’t) matter. Mexico City is incredible; we spent a lot of time walking around, eating, sightseeing, taking it in. Last week was exhausting and exhilarating, and right now I am at the studio to start work on our new album. Hopefully we’ll be bringing some of the intensity and vibes we collected in Mexico into the studio with us. I won’t try and say more, I’ll probably just start rambling. Instead I compiled tons and tons of stuff from the internet – posted by fans, writers, bloggers, photographers – a lot of it is here. If I missed something please add a link in the comments.

Limited edition poster by Trevore Valensuela

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And there are a ton of ridiculous videos on YouTube. Actually, probably the only place where you can hear new songs at this moment…

How much of this do we need? Not this much, but I just got started on it and probably went too far. I just remember looking out into the audience on Saturday night during “Lost in the Plot” and seeing like 20 mobile phones and cameras being held up, recording. Awesome.

Mexico: The Real Blog

I’m so embarrassed…I was so obsessed with getting over the vacation part of our trip that I never mentioned how frigging incredible our two shows in Mexico were.

Number one: being out of winter initially was rad. The first day we arrived in Mexico City and then had to drive for 6 hours directly to Guadalajara. I fainted at a truck stop just outside Mexico City but that was nothing a glass of juice and marlin tacos couldn’t cure. Also we got ‘nized.

Nobody knew what to expect of the Guadalajara show; whether or not there would be anyone there. The room was pretty big and the metal roof made the sound on stage totally unbearable. So I was hoping the place would fill up to kill all the bounce. The room seemed pretty full, and the people that were there sent some crazy energy up onto the stage. Since our last Montreal gig we’ve been tweaking the set, playing longer which is always fun and starting the show with Saviour. I don’t want to kill the mystique so all I will say are these two words: wireless microphone.

For dinner the promoters Armando and Andreas took us to a restaurant near the basilica which was really beautiful to see. As we were leaving I heard some dude with a guitar in another cafe singing “More Than Words”…I called over Laura and Chris and in two minutes everybody was over there backing him up on the harmonies. It was hilarious…and kind of an inside joke.

The next day some of us decided to fly back to Mexico City…just to stay a little sane. That van was really crowded with 11 of us in there and three seats having no seat belts. Us Canadians get nervous about stuff like that.

The Lunario in MexicoCity is tucked in behind the Auditorio Nacional, right next to an army training base that had one of the biggest flags flying we had ever seen:


Apparently there are two giant flags in Mexico City. Awesome. I’m not sure there are any flags that big anywhere in all of Canada. We went for a walk with Juan Luis from Kontrabando/Arts & Crafts Mexico who showed us where to get really awesome quesadillas. I shared a Coke in a glass bottle with Laura…man that was good! I think that’s when I Tweeted about looking for fish tacos…so we never found those but what we had was just as delish.

I can’t really describe in words what happened during our show in Mexico City. It was probably the best show The Dears had ever played – musically and vibe-wise – and backstage post-show we all agreed that that was the most fun any one of us had ever experienced in our lives. I mean, even Lisa was rocking out. The best way these gigs could be recauptured is by checking out the vids on YouTube and pics on our website (tour section) and on Facebook (I linked the albums to my profile). Here’s Murray’s fave YouTube moment:

And then also this one is fun/me-fest but also check out the guy who uploaded it…his profile pic is AWESOME!

After the Mexico City show we signed autographs for about two hours. Lisa started drawing cats instead of signing her full name. The fans were all so cool and awesome and we all had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows!!! And who waited so long to meet us after! Until next time…all our love, The Dears.

Vacation: Poetic Blog

Where does that feeling of the ocean go? Of the sun, of the healing, of comfort and warmth, the cozy uncertainty of vacation? One step out into the snow, the cold gripping my spine, the tension of winter pulling my form into a hunched curve.

The smells can linger; the light humid sulfur of a burning fire, that dank dump smell that pops out of nowhere. The memory of the waves, the evening trade wind, the crash of waves and unfamiliar caw of lankier versions of birds we have at home. The taste of a frozen Danino yogurt on a stick, still warm corn tortillas, drops of lime juice on the rim of a cold Pacifico beer.

But now they are gone, left behind, held only in momentary photographs and sunburns. In the grains of sand I still see in Neptune’s ear.

Its always good to be home, though, even in the winter, even after a vacation. I’m looking forward to sleeping in our own bed, drinking tap water with total abandon.

Now off to real reality. Making macaroni and cheese for Neptune’s lunch, trying to recover from my recovery.


After spending the past few days with my flu-ridden daughter, fighting 102 degree temperatures and projectile-sneezed snots, I suddenly got paranoid. Germophobed-out. I’ve been compulsively washing my hands…so in addition to the cold-weather dryness, my pale, wrinkled hands look like they belong to an 80-year-old. And right before Neptune’s bath time I chewed a full clove of raw garlic without gagging, chugged it down with a glass of water and am now contemplating an apple cider vinegar chaser. These are my flu remedies, in lieu of vitamin C and B complex, or a crate of clementines.

For myriad reasons, I cannot WAIT for Mexico.

All Things Dears

I went for an optimistic, wintry walk with Neptune. Even though I bundled her up like crazy, she just stood at the playground for five minutes, said: “It’s cold,” got back into the stroller and opted for a sight-seeing trip to the grocery store. Clutching her two Polly Pockets with a death grip, we did the aisles, collecting the things we needed, then headed home.

My inspiration for today’s blog was a poster glued to a boarded up building on Ogilvy and Querbes for the movie” “Zack et Miri Font un Porno (version francaise de ‘Zack and Miri Make A Porno’)”. I thought I would post an update on all the bits and bobs that are going on right now, starting with this movie, which features our song “You and I (Are a Gang of Losers),” though typing this now I realise I already made this observation last week in my Tour Round Up and Out post. I guess I can’t stop talking about it. Here are some other things I can’t stop talking about, in no particular order:

– Apple in-store: Tuesday, November 25th, 8PM at the Montreal store on St. Catharines. Because apparently Apple is on the exclusive list of “non-evil corporations,” and this means one of my close family or friends will be getting a new iPod for Christmas. Our only MTL performance until 2009.

– The Gospel According to The Dears: Have you watched it? Murray is working on episode 4 now, but the first three episodes are not to be missed. Each episode is in two parts so make sure you see the whole thing. Here are all the links: Disclaimer EP1PT1 / EP1PT2 / Bangwagoneers EP2PT1 / EP2PT2 / No Return EP3PT1 / EP3PT2

– Support the Pablove Foundation by getting a copy of Give. Listen. Help. Volume 5 at Urban Outfitters.

– We have a bunch of new Dears stuff for sale at our new online store. Including neckerchiefs.

– Jingle Bell Rock: Dear Canada (rather, everything west of Toronto), we’ll be hitting up major cities this December with Metric, Tokyo Police Club and Sebastien Grainger. I am looking into some badass winter boots. Probably Sorels (not to wear on stage…that would be garish). A portion of the ticket sales go to local charities for youth find out the tour details here.

– Mexico 2009: Details are still being worked out but I am pretty sure our friends in Mexico City and in Guadalajara, Mexico can expect a visit from The Dears in 2009.