There are two things happening Murray and I wanted to share with you.

1) We’ve made lots of videos, and have never worked with a more PRO dude than director Christohper Mills. I think we get each other, so we’ll let him do the talking:

“We had 12 hours to shoot one video, and ended up shooting 2 videos in 10 hours. It was a near perfect day.

Everyone in the band was plugged in and slathered in baby oil, and a giant fan blew dust all over the room. Everyone was on point, we had our shit together, and got a ton of great performance in the can.

Then, as an afterthought, I pitched the idea of laying SAVIOUR down to tape – just because we could, and because it was my favourite song on the record.

MURRAY and THE DEARS very generously obliged, and, as always, MURRAY consumed himself with the song, and delivered what for me, was one of the most honest, most real music video performances I’ve been lucky enough to shoot in my 12+ years of making videos.

AUX.TV has been generous enough to pony up to help us get the very simple, post work done on this little nugget. I hope this song is as transformative for you as it has been for me.

Love, Christopher.”

Following SAVIOUR is DISCLAIMER or “the best video that nobody saw.” The “short film” premiers at 7PM ET on AUX.TV.

2) In the Fall of 1999, Murray, Roberto, John Tod and I holed up in Andy from The Nul Set’s house in Westmount. We drank all his parent’s booze (even the peppermint schnapps), moved their dining room table into the kitchen and put mattresses up against their century-old windows. Then we made an album: End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story. We made an album and had no idea what we were going to do with it. No label wanted to release it because, at the time, it was too out there. Now Magazine described it simply: “Expect riots.”

So to celebrate our first album’s tenth birthday, we’ve decided to give the album to you; no remix or remaster, no extra tracks or a tacky badge. If you haven’t heard it, then you should: it’s the original hot mess.

Visit our online store and get a free, high quality digital download of End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story with any t-shirt order.

OK, OK. Enough of the sales pitch.

Just a huge thank you to you, for your support over the years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. However long it’s been. We’ll always love you back.


P.S. Murray pledges that The Dears will deliver the greatest rock album ever made, sometime next year.


Um, yeah so I’ve never seen this show before but apparently on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl (March 30th) you can hear one of our tracks from “Missiles” while full on-screen teen drama ensues. Which song? Watch to find out.

Officially Leaked

I got an email from a stranger this Sunday afternoon:

Hello Dears:

I’m sorry to be the one to report, if you’re unaware of it thus far, that i discovered “Missiles” online today in its entirety. having read Natalia’s blog post regarding her feelings towards webleaks and piracy, i’m sure this comes as an absolute bummer (to put it mildly.)

here at HeartbreakTango we’re huge fans of yours. There are staggeringly few bands whose work we support wholeheartedly, and really feel an artistic kinship towards. Knowing that something of this nature affects your ability to continue doing this as a livelihood sorta makes us sick to our stomachs.


I forwarded it to Murray and our manager, Jeff with the message: “Just a matter of time, I guess… Bummer indeed but not surprising.” I didn’t think it would happen so quickly after promo copies going out. I wonder what the process of this happening? It’s a totally active, deliberate effort: ripping the CD as a data file, then uploading it anonymously to a server somewhere. What crosses the uploader’s mind, as they do this? I’m going to go surf the internet, try and find the profile of an uploader…

All day Sunday, I started getting the Google News Alerts with links to blogs that had the leak. I’ve blogged about it before, but really, there’s nothing we can do about it. Once it leaks, once it is out there, news will spread like wildfire. Like an uncontrolled virus. I’ve called the act “cold, selfish and heartless” which in retrospect (and after reading some thoughtful comments) is not really the case. I get it – we are tumbling towards a recession, most music sucks and not being able to take the anticipation building up to a record release makes the idea of previewing the album for free irresistible. It’s flattering that people care.

The strangest thing I saw was, a site that catalogues if/when albums leak and when they are supposed to be released. And there we are, officiated at September 14, 10:40pm.

Now it is Wednesday. We waited a but…tried to wait out the storm, but it never subsided. That’s how it is with the internet. By this morning it had hit all the torrent sites. So it is out there, leaked, with absolute intensity.

So here are some terms: 1) Just really listen to it. Before you blog about it or review it or commit to an opinion about it, listen to Missiles. Fully, at least three or four times. Make sure you get it: the sum of the parts, the totality of the music. That is part of an investment that we’d appreciate in return. And: 2) To anyone who decides to download Missiles, please seriously consider buying the CD or digital album tracks when it comes out.

Preview More of Missiles…

…courtesy of my favourite place on the internet, I am totally elated by the nerd love:

Exclusive: The Dears Launch Sad, Beautiful Missiles

Enjoy “Berlin Heart”…it’s only there for a limited time.

Our News Hits The News

Just want to send out an enormous thank you to everyone. Yes: I’m putting a general, positive vibe out there, in response to the great support from everyone out there. All of your emails and encouragement via Facebook and Myspace are motivating. Can’t wait to get back out there again. As Murray said, this past year has been hard. The band falling apart was tough, but Murray and I have been there before, in that same exact situation with End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story. And putting out that (our first) album, was the beginning of a new era for us personally and also for Canadian music.

With indie rock in a vestigial fade-out (I read even perennial UK indie rockers Kaiser Chiefs proclaiming the genre “boring”…Mr. Wilson, I wholeheartedly agree), the climate is shifting, and Missiles is definitely part of that shift. It is not indie rock, so I don’t feel so bad that Pitchfork has ignored our press releases completely. It’s a diss, but they’ve been reluctant supporters from the beginning. I’d rather be pushed to the outside: I’m used to it.

I also love – and without sarcasm – that ran the story quoting this very blog. It is a bit of an obvious move on their part to link us to Morrissey, but whatever, that’s what they do, and I respect the Moz greatly so I don’t mind. In all of this, I stand by my quote: “We hope everyone would like [Missiles], journalist or not, but we understand that there are many haters out there so it’s out of our control.” Because the haters really are out there: hating with gusto! Remember in grade school when that bully would push you around, only for you to realise later that actually they had a crazy crush on you? That’s what I think is really going on there…

So thank you to everyone, lovers and haters. See you all very soon.