Random Contest!!!

Through a series of clicks that led me to a blog called Music Slut, I found a link to a free download of the song “Half Mast.” I keep going on about how it’s one of my Missiles-era faves, so I thought I’d re-share the link for you to listen/download.

I also got the totally random idea for a trivia contest that, out of 6 parts boredom, 3 parts because there’s a frakking snow storm outside and 1 part procrastination, I am running guerilla style (translation: from my home office, where all the BEST grant work happens).

So after you’ve listened I want you to think about who this song could possibly be loosely inspired by? Your only clue (after the ones beating you over the head in the lyrics) is the timing of when we recorded it: summer 2008.

RULEZ: The first direct tweet to @thedears with the correct answer is the winner. You will get by mail an autographed (by me and Murray) copy of the Indie Rock Coloring Book.

That’s right. Winter in Canada is turning me into an insane person.

Good luck! To both of us!

UPDATE: Correct answer is Barack Obama. First one to give it up was @shetlandshaun. Congrats and thanks to all who sent their guesses.

Half Mast Download + Interview

One of my favourite songs that we recorded for Missiles is “Half Mast.” But for whatever reason when we were putting the album together, it stuck as the odd man out. So it didn’t make the album. But it is still an awesome song. Anyway it’s been released as a free download so put the thing on your iPod already! BTW the crickets and howling wolves were my idea.

Listen and/or download “Half Mast” (mp3) by The Dears.

Additionally, just did an interview with Toronto Blog The Singing Lamb. I think I sound smart…though I also think I sound full of shit. So somewhere in the middle will have to suffice.