WTF Mondays.

Today, for some reason (TGIM?), the BBC had some really awesome, brainless, insightful headlines today:

Twitter tweets 40% babble: we needed a media outlet to tell us this? How does one validate an observation like: “It’s raining.” Is that babble if P Diddy is tweeting it?

US banknotes show cocaine traces: Barfitating, sickitating, grossitating. Cocaine sucks. But on 95% of bills?

Belgian girl’s tattoo ‘nightmare’: Someone fucked up.

Moderate drinking ‘boosts bones’: And my doctor wants me to take a calcium supplement. As if.

Oh shit gotta run…my 4-year-old is cutting her own hair!

Cats and Dogs in the News

Slow news week? Maybe, but animal interest stories always please the crowd. Check out this cat that waits for its owner a mile away for a car ride home. Less cute and more bizarre is an Indian man who wed a dog to break a curse. And they went all out; this was a serious ceremony…not like they just signed some papers before a judge. Flower petal confetti and a reception with sweets and everything.