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Canada’s prime ministers have never really been great leaders, risk-takers, or – since Trudeau – particularly charismatic or likeable. So it is with a resigned sigh that I post this news of our current leader, Stephen Harper:

G8 Summit to Test Leaders on Climate Change, Economy

I’m sure Mr. Harper has his reasons for not wanting to commit to anything: motivated most probably by oil money, which Canada is trying hard to get in on. Canada mid-western investors are spending millions (billions?) trying to figure out a way to extract oil out of muck, creating trailer-park boom towns and a shortage of employees in certain parts. Need a job? Go to northern Alberta and get one. Guaranteed. Anyhow, it all seems a bit archaic for our country’s resources to be so un-progressively invested, but like I said, since when has Canada ever been known for fucking shit up? As a nation, we are indifferent followers. It’s maddening. And boring.

But it only costs $68 to have a baby, and $7 for daycare, and the government pays for half of your prescription costs. So we don’t complain much.

Anyhow if you feel like complaining or being minutely interested:

Harper – G8 Spoiler

At the G8 summit in Japan, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda, and US President George W. Bush are refusing to discuss climate targets for the year 2020.

Setting concrete, short-term targets is critical to the world’s response to averting a climate crisis. We have to show these leaders that their global reputations will be affected by their actions — so Avaaz has arranged an attention-grabbing, satirical full-page advert on Tuesday in the global Financial Times. Copies of the paper will be delivered to the hotel rooms of every delegate here at the summit. The more it is backed by global people power, the greater its effect will be.

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