When Management Takes A Cross-Country Bicycle Ride

Show some support and love at pablove.org, as our manager Jeff Castelaz prepares for a fund-raising bike ride across America.


I remember when I was a kid, my dad used to read to me at bedtime from his latest issues of Scientific American magazine. Sometimes I wonder if that contributed to my being a little nerdy, and pretty good at math (when I want to be). I mean, I took computer science in high school and absolutely loved it. So taking a page from the book of my dad, I’ve started to read articles from The Economist to Neptune at bedtime. You’d be surprised how an article on a 19th-century Belgium painter, or a book review about the physics of nothingness can be made interesting with an enthusiastic reading voice.

This morning I saw this list of 100 Geeky Places to take your Kids this Summer. I’m bookmarking this shit for the next time we go on tour. Its never too soon to start raising a little nerd.

ALSO: Got some Neptune-inspired tees from the Yellow Bird Project in the mail. They’re pretty cute…I’m wearing mine today! Get your Pablove on.

Shows Coming Up…You Going?

I’ve spent the past few days working on these shows we have coming up. I forget that things like long weekends and moving day can affect the things we do: hotels in Peterborough are completely sold out. When I asked why, one hotel concierge gave the reason: “Dog show.” Also Peterborough is in the heart of cottage country in Ontario so I guess that’s what people do on the weekend. Next was finding a trailer for the van. I forgot that this weekend is when the entire city of Montreal moves. Someone came up with the genius idea to have all leases begin and end July 1st, causing traffic and vehicle rental mayhem. Anyway, I had to call around but finally found one. It’s all sorted.

So we hope to see you out this weekend. Come and say hello:

July 3 – Live Lounge, Ottawa, ON (w/ Amos the Transparent)
July 4 – Montreal House, Peterborough, ON (w/ Amos the Transparent)
July 6 – Club Soda, Montreal, QC (Montreal Jazz Fest)

Also Yellow Bird Project has released the t-shirt Neptune designed. I have to admit it was odd seeing her drawing on a shirt worn by a fancy model. Check it out and get your own…they’re super nice and all the proceeds are given to the Pablove Foundation.


I’m totally backblogged. What’s that, you’re thinking? Well, its when you have thoughts and ideas and words you want to blog about but never seem to have a moment to get them down. Last week was intense: day trip to Victoriaville, sleepover with Neptune’s nieces, advancing this weekend’s shows and now this week, is rainy and we’re in rehearsals. Plus there’s been a massive emotional weight around here; Murray and I both preoccupied with Pablo’s last days. My head has been heavy with thoughts for Pablo and his family. Our friend, mentor and manager, Jeff Castelaz’s 6-year-old son Pablo battled a rare form of cancer for over a year. I strongly recommend you read their story at PABLOg!. It’ll put your entire existence back into perspective.

The past week has been a roller coaster of empathy, sadness, gratefulness, despondence, positivity and hope. And of love. I am totally inspired by the Castelaz/Thrailkill clan. Jeff and Jo Ann are, in my eyes, heroes; the pantheon of parenthood. I wish I could be in L.A. because I feel like the only useful thing I could give them is hugs. But anyway, anyway, anyway.

I only met Pablo once but knew so much about him from following the blog, I felt a closeness to him. Anyway, Neptune and Pablo hung out for like half an hour while Peter gave us the tour of the Dangerbird office in Silverlake in May. They went nuts on the conference room and we all tried to take pictures but mine didn’t turn out because the kids didn’t stay still for a second. It was a fun moment and I’m glad our families met.

We always have the future: to live in memory of those we love, in positivity and light. Always pushing us forward to another place, where we are meant to live in all our strength and for every moment.

Pablove. Forever.

All Things Dears

I went for an optimistic, wintry walk with Neptune. Even though I bundled her up like crazy, she just stood at the playground for five minutes, said: “It’s cold,” got back into the stroller and opted for a sight-seeing trip to the grocery store. Clutching her two Polly Pockets with a death grip, we did the aisles, collecting the things we needed, then headed home.

My inspiration for today’s blog was a poster glued to a boarded up building on Ogilvy and Querbes for the movie” “Zack et Miri Font un Porno (version francaise de ‘Zack and Miri Make A Porno’)”. I thought I would post an update on all the bits and bobs that are going on right now, starting with this movie, which features our song “You and I (Are a Gang of Losers),” though typing this now I realise I already made this observation last week in my Tour Round Up and Out post. I guess I can’t stop talking about it. Here are some other things I can’t stop talking about, in no particular order:

– Apple in-store: Tuesday, November 25th, 8PM at the Montreal store on St. Catharines. Because apparently Apple is on the exclusive list of “non-evil corporations,” and this means one of my close family or friends will be getting a new iPod for Christmas. Our only MTL performance until 2009.

– The Gospel According to The Dears: Have you watched it? Murray is working on episode 4 now, but the first three episodes are not to be missed. Each episode is in two parts so make sure you see the whole thing. Here are all the links: Disclaimer EP1PT1 / EP1PT2 / Bangwagoneers EP2PT1 / EP2PT2 / No Return EP3PT1 / EP3PT2

– Support the Pablove Foundation by getting a copy of Give. Listen. Help. Volume 5 at Urban Outfitters.

– We have a bunch of new Dears stuff for sale at our new online store. Including neckerchiefs.

– Jingle Bell Rock: Dear Canada (rather, everything west of Toronto), we’ll be hitting up major cities this December with Metric, Tokyo Police Club and Sebastien Grainger. I am looking into some badass winter boots. Probably Sorels (not to wear on stage…that would be garish). A portion of the ticket sales go to local charities for youth find out the tour details here.

– Mexico 2009: Details are still being worked out but I am pretty sure our friends in Mexico City and in Guadalajara, Mexico can expect a visit from The Dears in 2009.