Random Notes

So sorry for the lack of blog. What with the weather getting all nice (it’s supposed to be 20 C on Friday!), I’ve been mostly preoccupied with being outdoors. Neptune and I have reinstated our morning walk, and I’ve put the toboggan in storage, exchanging it for her plastic slide. We’ve been hanging out in the backyard: she plays in her surprisingly not-soggy sandbox, while I urge the snow to melt by spreading it across the sunny bits of the yard. I also organized a whole whack of empty beer bottles that were in surprisingly extra-soggy boxes, and partially dismantled a couple skids that our firewood was delivered on. I’ve been testing paint chits against the walls, too.

When not outside, I am, well, inside. Applying for grants, reading other blogs. Here’s a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence: there’s a new album I want to hear that Pitchfork actually liked! We agree on something! Who is this mysteriously astute writer…Brian Howe. I must find out more. Anyway, the album is M83’s Saturday=Youth. I loved “Before the Dawn Heals Us”: their music is unafraid, conceptual and dense, sophisticated and absolutely not ironic when referring to the past. I love it.

Heartstabbing Internettery

Now I’m obsessed with DrownedInSound and Pitchfork. I usually try to avoid music media like the plague, for fear of reading something totally frustrating either about The Dears, or stumbling upon glowing words about something that is totally unmusical rubbish. Lately I can enjoy these sites because: 1) I’m resigned to these facts, and 2) Nobody writes about The Dears anymore anyhow so I can browse freely without accidentally getting stabbed in the heart by offhand remarks.

Speaking of which, here is a classic example of hilarious message boarding: Words that put you off listening to a particular artist or song (or 101 ways to legitimise hating something).

Could you imagine if we took what people said on message boards seriously? What if people had to live by their words, and were forced to strictly stand by everything they wrote? Shortsightedness aside, this is kind of a funny discussion about the laziness of journos and critics: you know, that whole pigeonholing thing that I’ve never been fond of. There are a lot of words out there. Very descriptive words that allow for precision in identifying an opinion. But since people don’t read anymore, our vocabularies are miniscule, and describing music as “stunning” is all we have left. Can we just have that and end it?

Oh, also have you seen this? It’s officially NOT cool to be Canadian anymore: Arcade Fire have revealed their American-ness. I knew the Butlers grew up in the States, but no…not Regine! Say it ain’t so! Funny how this kind of information reveals itself. Anyhow, it’s just another example of how confused Americans are, and how they long for identity and for lines to be clearly defined so they can understand things. Of course, Canadians don’t care. We’ll take it. We’ll claim anything and call it our own…especially if it’s successful. That’s the Canadian way: perpetual underdoggery. That’s why we like Obama so much. So I support Win and Will and Regine and Democrats and Socialists and American-Canadians everywhere.

Now go blog about it.