Lonely Planet: Montreal

Bored? Thinking of visiting Canada? Don’t leave before purchasing your copy of Lonely Planet’s Canada guide (10th edition printed April 2008). I know not everyone likes to travel by tour book, but at least pop in to your local bookseller (if you still have one) to peek at the mildly entertaining interview with myself as the “Local Voice” for Montreal (page 286).

On a slight aside, I recently received the following message via The Dears’ general email:

subject: poutine
hi there. my girlfriend and i will be in montreal soon and we forget the name of the place where murray said on cbc that they had the best poutine around. i think they bake the poutine or something. please help us so we can go check it out! thanks. (name withheld)

I felt it my civil duty to reply promtply: I know that if I were planning a trip I probably would leave details like: “find best poutine” to pretty much the last minute. My reply:

subject: Re: poutine
The best late night poutine is at Fameux on the North West corner of St. Denis and Mont Royal. Ask for the “poutine gratinée.” Don’t go to Rapido across the street. It’s gross.

This sentiment is a point of contention among the local hipsters and indie rockers: Fameux vs. Rapido. Fameux has the gratinée, point finale. I find Rapido’s gravy way too salty and their waitresses are a little on the crazy side. I mean, when you’re trying to wind down a night of drinking, anything with too much salt is going to kill you in the morning. The poutine is meant to soak up the booze, not exacerbate it.