Better Late Than Never

I promised a new story last week — a deadline I completely failed to meet. I hope you will forgive me.

This story, entitled “After All,” was written with a very moderate audience in mind. I had initially written it for a CBC writing competition, so I challenged myself to write a “tame” story. Here’s the description:

Robots are the main companions for the elderly in this heartwarming portrait of two unlikely friends. 

I promise I won’t wait a year before releasing another story. The next one will be a lot darker and give you something to sink your teeth into. For now, some springtime fluff to help get you through your daily commute, or however you use things like this. Enjoy!

Listen on Bandcamp or Soundcloud. Read the story below, or on Scribd.

Both robots waiting for the pancake to be done

Why have I not heard about this PR2 before? Love the Cylon-like scanners on these guys. They can make me pancakes any day.

Inspiration to Write Science Fiction

Currently, this photo in a recent edition of National Geographic magazine is inspiring me to write a short story of the science fiction genre. Tentative title: “Migrant Robot Worker Fantasy” (hommage to a joke by the GREAT Paul F. Tompkins, but not topically related).