Solar Maximum

An active sun during the recent solar eclipse. This image is a composite of several observations from various perspectives. Read more about it at NASA.

I got nothing…

…so I will instead share this awesome image of Phobos’ Stickney Crater. Until I got…something.

Stickney Crater

Dust of the Orion Nebula

Dust of the Orion Nebula

I find something very reassuring about the stars of Orion, I think because we can almost always see constellation in the night sky.

Our Cumulative Space Race

I invite you to spend a few minutes studying this image. It’s a hi-res photo of space shuttle Endeavour docked at the International Space Station. Click on the images below to open them in a new window. Zoom in on the body of the ISS: I am fascinated by the cobbled-together, tent-village appearance of this, our planet’s greatest collaborative and (wo)manned space project. It left me speechless.

Click on images to enlarge.

Sometimes Life Feels Like NGC3521

Spinning slowly, with nauseating force, and I’m at the center. Are these irregular, spiral arms reaching inwards or out? Who’s pulling who, and in which direction?