What am I supposed to do with all the sluts who are “following” my Twitter? Like literally, these are porn spammers. Do you think these are real Twitter users, who care about what I’m thinking and doing? I have a very strong feeling they don’t. Wouldn’t they be better served if they targeted a market instead of being truly shameless and whoresome? I mean, probably 90% of men (the other 10% would click but never admit to it) would probably check out a sexually inviting link accompanied by a breasty photo of a 20-year-old. The link would likely redirect you to a website selling Viagara, Cialis, Rolex watches, college degrees, high school diplomas, once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities, or just porn. What can I say…sex sells.

What’s the proper etiquette? Am I allowed to delete them? Is that what people do? Or would they rather have maximum followers to prove their populatiry? Ugh. This is exhausting. Thankfully, I just found this, which kind of answers all my prayers: Should You Block Twitter Spam? From the source.