Post-Halloween Sugar Rush

Last night’s haul was pretty good, I’d say. For a 4-year-old, that bag full of candy must seem infinite. Thankfully, she agreed to bring half of it to a Day of the Dead dinner party, which alleviates the pressure to eat the junk for mom & dad.

So: the costume. I realise, looking back at my blog, that I kind of over hyped the whole Squidward costume thing. Here are a couple pics, just the costume (the mask is the saving grace), then one with the cousin, before hittin’ the streets.



I was kind of surprised that I didn’t take a proper photo of my daughter in the costume. I think Halloween is too stressful. It’s like a race against time to get ready and get out there at dusk, but before it’s too late. The last thing on my mind was: Daughter, please stand very still and pose for some photographs. Actually, I always found it stressful, and never really liked it as a holiday. Too much pressure. Some of my teenaged costumes included “rocket scientist for NASA/nerd” and “hardware store lady.” As a child I went trick or treating dressed as a bunch of grapes, with dozens of purple balloons attached to my body. I think that is the true meaning of Halloween: fun yet traumatizing. The candy is like a buffer, a self-medication to soften all that embarrassment and confused moments of: “Why did I dress up? What am I supposed to be?”

Much like life.

Squidward Costume Anxiety

For Halloween this year, my 4-year-old has told me she wants to dress up as Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob. I’ve been to the big box stores, and there are no Spongebob character costumes, which leaves me one option: DIY.

This is a fine line: I don’t want the costume to be unidentifiable, or ghetto, or not fun to wear. Also it’s getting cold outside so it also has to be toasty. This is not going to be easy. Maybe I can woo her with a frilly princess dress…

This mask would be a quick fix, only it is overpriced and probably adult-sized:

This looks uncomfortable. And too literal:

Quaint. Not my style:

The fun-ness would be in active legs: the extra pair of legs attached to her real legs so each pair of legs (one real, one fake) moved in tandem. Also was thinking of adding the Krabby Patty hat. Need to get to Value Village to source a white trucker’s hat.

OK. So today I have some work to do. I need to find:
1) Kids plain brown polo shirt.
2) Grey long-sleeved shirt + 2 pair matching leggings/pants.
3) 6 pairs grey sport socks to go over her hands & shoes. And stuffed one to be extra feet.
4) White trucker hat (possibly with blue bill).
5) Try to make a Squidward mask. Maybe some sort of mask/hood stuffed into the shape of his bulbous head and nose? And paint on a frown with makeup? I need grey face paint.

Seriously, I am into this costume over the standard fairy or princess. But it has to be fun. I’ll update developments as they come. You must be at the edge of your seat in anticipation!!!

Update: Check how the Squiward costume came out!