He’s Running for President

The Blogosphere is probably overrun with posts about today, America’s Super Tuesday. I don’t really want to get into it: my opinion, as a Canadian who blogs often about the wily ways of the USA, couldn’t possibly matter much. But in the name of bandwagoneering, here are some thoughts:

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m not really a big fan of the Right. Though I don’t really believe much in the institution that’s become of the Left, either. Which is why I’m into Barack. He doesn’t pander to the rich, he doesn’t serve America’s money, he wants to work for the people. Hillary, while she’s got “experience” working with the old world powers in the White House, doesn’t make me very confident that she will make a noticeable difference. It will just be more status quo, with a slight left-of-center lean. And besides she barely has a personality. She’s like a grade 8 school teacher trying really, really hard to be “hip” and “one of the kids” but really she’s about as cool as Nachos, Flanders style.

Anyway, so that’s it. On the other side I guess I’d go for McCain or Huckabee because Romney creeps me out and Paul is too old. So my message to any Dems or undecided voters out there: go Barack and you’ll never go back.