Potato Surprise

We are home and have totally plugged right back in to domestic vibes. Today was a super domestic day for me: I did yard work. I donned this navy blue 3/4 length pea coat that I used to wear when I was like 21 that I now only use when I have to work outside in the fall. I think I got it at the Salvation Army on St-Antoine and Guy. Anyhow, I put it on and was like: “This coat isn’t actually that bad,” just before handing my work gloves and grabbing a garbage bag. I collected all the trash that accumulates in our yard, cut back the dead iris leaves and tidied up some leaves. In the back yard I put away all Neptune’s outside toys. I also decided to pull the rogue potato plants that will likely die during our next overnight freeze. Point being I was very pleasantly surprised by the haul of new, little cute potatoes:


I mean, it’s November and – according to Jamie Oliver’s Jamie At Home cookbook – way too late for potatoes. In fact, when I followed his instruction for planting potatoes I got nothing except a bunch of rotted, mushy post-potatoes. Canada certainly does have it’s own rule on the agriculture side and no matter how much I’d like to try, I can’t pretend that our growing season resembles that of the UK in any way possible.

Anyhow, Murray’s gonna roast the potatoes today or tomorrow for dinner. On the domestic side I installed a couple light fixtures today, too. Renaissance woman. I also booked flights for the band to get us home from the Metric tour, and next I’m gonna add a bunch of archival images (we’re talking 1999-2002 styles, courtesy of former-Dear Jonathan Cohen) to our tour history on thedears.org. Boom.

A New thedears.org & Boston

Last night we did our Boston (Allston) show. The venue was in a bustling part of town, but I noticed as Neptune and I walked around a bit looking for a park, that there were three predominant kinds of stores: liquor stores, pharmacies and real estate brokers. Looking for a grocery store, I thought the proportions were only slightly strange.

Even though last night was our first show of this tour, it felt like the eighteenth. We crossed the border very late Monday night. There’s a major flu going around on the bus…Murray and Lisa and now Neptune and I’m fighting it big time. I don’t feel it coming on but my body just feels like it needs more sleep. At some points during the show last night, I felt asleep: keeping my eyes closed to hold my focus, they just felt good there. In all the pacing was good: not entirely fierce/fireball performance but definitely appropriate for the evening.

Why so tired and run down? The trip to London was great but tough on the jet lag…basically we never got into it but our bodies still felt messed with. To top it off, Friday we flew back to Toronto, got Neptune and then stiil had to drive back to Montreal on Saturday. We had two days, leading up to both the album release and leaving on tour. Sunday and Monday was mainly running around all day, on errands, picking things up, dropping others off, then doing laundry, packing for myself, packing for Neptune.

We got it all done, but in the evening, after our daughter’s bedtime, we had to work on the website. With the help of Sumo and Cardboard Box Project, we put our new site together: we wanted it to be be a site that could grow with us but also one that documented our past. This meant LOTS of content management, uploading, fact checking and finding files. At one point Sunday night five people in two cities were working on the site getting it loaded up for launch.

I’m really excited about it: thedears.org. There’s a whole tour archive section where people (like you) can upload their own photos, videos and reviews of the shows they saw. Also Murray started a docu-mocku-rockumentary and the first episode is up. Check it out.

Blog Experiment

I started an experiment today. I call it a “message board in blog form,” and I have no idea if it will work. I swapped out our old forum (which gets a handful of relevant posts as well and some undesirable spammy ones) with, well, basically a blog. We’ve been noticing that: (a) users had to log in to post, and we’re not into that anymore…if someone wants to express their uncontrollable love, or excruciating hate-on, then they should be free to; and (b) people only really talk about a handful of things. So we thought why should there be a million discussions with only one or two replies, when we could centralise it all in a blog? By forcing the discussions into three or four threads, a stream of consciousness style flow will ensue. Won’t it?

I don’t know. Maybe this will work…maybe it requires more careful thought. I feel like I need to organise the flow better, and add some other authors that want to post new topics for discussion. Interested? Suggestions? Am I crazy? Leave comments…here or there.