Born and raised in Toronto, ON Canada, Natalia moved to Montreal, QC in 1994 to attend Concordia University’s Creative Writing program. After graduation, she immediately began touring and performing internationally as a musician. An unofficial delegate for Canadian culture, she worked with her band, The Dears, to help shine the spotlight on the Montreal music scene through the 00s.

Finding moments between touring and recording sessions, she completed her first (presently unreleased) novella. With her speculative writing, Natalia enters a world beyond the social norms and anomalies of modern life, where technology and human consciousness are manipulated. She is presently working on her second book.

She has written and produced content for VICE, CBC, Huffington Post Canada, Paper Magazine, and Cult Montreal. Her fiction has appeared in Luna Station Quarterly, Matrix Magazine, Nevertheless: Tesseracts Twenty-One and Selected Poems by Indie Rock Stars. She is a member of the QWF and CSFFA.

Natalia lives in Montreal with her husband and two children.

CONTACT: natalia.scifi(at)